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The quenelle: France's notorious anti-Semitic hand gesture, explained
The quenelle is a rude gesture Dieudonné invented in 2005. The right hand is held straight out, pointing downward, with the palm open; the left arm folds across the chest, with the hand touching the right arm. Here's Dieudonné giving the quenelle in 2012:.

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The Independent

Quenelle comedian Dieudonné praises terrorist killer: 'As far as I am ...
The Independent
Dieudonné M'Bala M'bala, 48, who has several convictions for making anti-semitic comments and jokes, came to international attention 12 months ago after the footballer Nicolas Anelka performed his trademark gesture the “quenelle” during a Premier ...
Quenelle comedian Dieudonné arrested for 'praising' Paris gunman Amedy ...International Business Times UK
Quenelle comedian arrested for 'supporting Charlie Hebdo attack'The Week UK
France probing comedian Dieudonne for Paris shooting remarkThe Times of Israel
Vox -Yahoo News -Slate Magazine (blog)
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The Atlantic

France's First Free-Speech Challenge After Charlie Hebdo
The Atlantic
Dieudonné, as he's known, infamously popularized the "quenelle," a reverse Nazi salute that gets around the existing French ban on the traditional Nazi salute. (One touches the left shoulder with the right hand while the left arm stretches downward, an ...
Controversial French comedian investigated for Facebook post: “I feel like ...Washington Post (blog)

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International Business Times UK

Paris: Anti-Semitic Quenelle comedian Dieudonné probed for 'praising' gunman ...
International Business Times UK
The probe comes after the 48-year-old comic, who invented the infamous Nazi-like Quenelle gesture, published a statement on his Facebook page mocking the solidarity march held in the French capital in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks that ...

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The Times (subscription)

A to Z of 2014: from asterisk to zilch with a quenelle in between
The Times (subscription)
A is for asterisk, a character that had a big year on the news pages in 2014, thanks to intemperate outbursts from, among others, Delon Armitage, of Toulon, Nigel Pearson, the manager of Leicester City, and Martin Castrogiovanni, the Toulon and Italy ...

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French comedian on trial for gas chamber comments
Dieudonné – whose trade-mark gesture, the Nazi-style salute the quenelle, caused controversy last year – risks a possible prison sentence after three convictions for the same offence in the past eight years. He will also appear in court next Wednesday ...
Dieudonné trial: French comedian facing charges of inciting racial hatred for ...The Independent
Dieudonne trial over 'gas chambers' remark startingThe Times of Israel
Anti-Semitic French Comic Just Wants 'to Make Peace'Arutz Sheva

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WKRC TV Cincinnati

Auschwitz survivors mark liberation anniversary
WKRC TV Cincinnati
Kantor pointed to the "quenelle," a gesture invented by the French comedian Dieudonne that some have called an inverted Nazi salute. The comic, who has been convicted more than half a dozen times for inciting racial hatred or anti-Semitism, says it is ...
The rise of an ancient hatredAsiaOne

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The Guardian

'I'm no racist': Nicolas Anelka defends his quenelle goal celebration
The Guardian
"Because some people have performed [the quenelle] in front of a synagogue, then the gesture is suddenly meant to be racist and antisemitic in any place and in any situation? Sorry, I'm not swallowing that. I've tried to swallow it but it won't go down ...
Nicolas Anelka 'quenelle' gesture: Striker stand by gesture, but insists 'I'm ...The Independent
Premier League - Anelka: 'If doing a quenelle is anti-Semitic, all Muslims are ...Yahoo Eurosport UK
Nicolas Anelka: If the quenelle is racist then 'all priests are paedophiles
Tablet Magazine -Bleacher Report -International Business Times UK
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French Theaters Blasted for Hosting 'Quenelle' Comic
Jewish Daily Forward
Dieudonne is the inventor of the quenelle gesture, which echoes the Hitler salute and which has become a preferred greeting in anti-Semitic circles across the French-speaking world, but which Dieudonne says is a gesture of discontent with the ...

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The Guardian

Benoît Assou-Ekotto suspended for three matches over quenelle tweet
The Guardian
“But we are also satisfied of two further factors relevant to his culpability: 1) That he was certainly aware before he sent the tweet that the quenelle gesture was very much associated with Dieudonné; and 2) That he had, by then, acquired at least ...
Benoit Assou-Ekotto gets three-game ban over 'quenelle' postBBC Sport
Tottenham's Benoit Assou-Ekotto banned three games for supporting Anelka's ...The Globe and Mail
Spurs' Benoit Assou-Ekotto banned for three games over quenelle tweetsJewish Chronicle -The Independent
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Form a Quenelle | Mario Batali
A quenelle is an elegant way to serve ice cream, whipped cream, sorbet and more. More refined than a simple “scoop,” the quenelle will add flair to your dessert, and forming one is less complicated than you think. Learn how to shape a ...
Last update: 01/07/2014 11:50:00 PM
The Economist explains: What exactly is the “quenelle”? | The ...
THE English Football Association is currently investigating an incident during a match in which a French soccer player, Nicolas Anelka, performed an arm gesture known as the “quenelle”. Mr Anelka made the sign in ...
Last update: 01/11/2015 04:49:36 AM
The Farce of Western Free Speech | Dissident Voice
French comedian Dieudonné, for example, has been banned from public performances by the French government owing to his farcical arm gesture, known as the “Quenelle.” The gesture can be interpreted in many ways, from ...
Last update: 12/30/2013 08:20:48 PM
Tony Parker apologises for giving controversial 'quenelle' salute ...
Simon Wiesenthal Center called for apology after release of picture of NBA star with controversial French comic.
Last update: 12/04/2013 08:53:36 AM
Pour ceux qui prétendent que la quenelle n'est pas un geste ...
sur la page facebook d'un certain Tony Lamhateur (photo signalée) Quenelle d'Alain Soral, du parti Egalité & Reconciliation, au mémorial de la « Shoah » à Berlin. Sur la page facebook de Joe le Corbeau, devant l'école ...
Last update: 09/19/2014 04:21:00 PM
Assou-Ekotto fined and suspended by FA over quenelle tweets ...
Benoit Assou-Ekotto has been suspended for three matches and fined €63,500 [£50,000] by the English Football Association after being found guilty of improper conduct in relation to a tweet about Nicolas Anelka's quenelle ...
Last update: 07/27/2014 03:40:35 AM
'Quenelle' Reverse Nazi-Salute Seen at France Anti-Israel Rally ...
Protesters chanted “Israel is an assassin, Holland is an accomplice” and “we are all Palestinians,” and some were seen gesturing the quenelle, a reverse Nazi-salute, AFP reported. Tension mounted as hundreds of protesters, ...
Last update: 12/30/2013 02:32:02 PM
Nicolas Anelka's Quenelle Gesture: the 'Reverse Nazi Salute ...
Keith Downing, Albion's coach, defended his player by irritably declaring that “It (the quenelle) has got nothing to do with what is being said…It is absolute rubbish.” For his part, Anelka tweeted, “This gesture was just a special ...
Last update: 09/19/2014 03:37:16 PM
Tottenham's Benoit Assou-Ekotto hit with three-match ban over ...
Tottenham defender Benoit Assou-Ekotto has been banned for three games and hit with a Football Association fine after sending Nicolas Anelka a message on Twitter following his controversial 'quenelle' gesture last season.
Last update: 12/12/2014 04:58:39 AM
Imagine – nouvelle quenelle ou nouvel espoir? | SHI 360 - Israeli ...
New track from Montreal hip hop artist SHI 360. This time, french rap. While Dieudonne and his quenelle insight hatred and division…once again SHI 360 brings a positive message of hope. A message of unity to help wake ...
Last update: 01/22/2014 04:41:15 PM
Nicolas Anelka's quenelle? Di Canio's Nazi salute? Robbie Fowler's touchline snort? Ryan Bailey counts down his list of the Top 5 most controversial football...
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Réac' le jeu, Valérie Trierweiler feat. Diamz, Reportage : la pintade, Le magicien du possible, Street relooking, Julie Lesko, Un petit geste pour ma planète...
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Présenté par Mathieu Sommet, voici le 78ème épisode de SLG : Un complot sur Facebook, les aliens débarquent et des gilets de sécurité pour poulets VOTEZ POUR...
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La quenelle est un salut nazi inversé, une sodomisation des victimes de la Shoah... mais le pire c'est qu'on en mange !! Il faut voir ce qu'il nous font aval...
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une petite quenelle au sioniste qui nous emmerde.
From: hendydu69
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Last update: 01/12/2014 02:17:26 PM Intervenant sur la radio RMC avec Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Kamel se dit scandalisé suite à la censure de Dieudonné. Socialiste d...
From: sharp7272
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Scoop : Manuel Valls serait atteint d'une maladie grave et incurable. J'suis pas content ! Le nouveau podcast satirique de GREG TABIBIAN. Retrouve moi sur fa...
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Francis Cousin, Docteur en Philosophie et titulaire d'un DEA d'Histoire de la Philosophie, réagit au communiqué de Manuel Valls sur Dieudonné Question "bonus...
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Pendant que Mimolette joue aux Inuites, Pierre Gattaz veut rétablir le servage... Heureusement que la CGT nous protège ! J'suis pas content ! Le nouveau podc...
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Time: 07:57 More in Comedy

Last update: 12/21/2014 11:58:28 PM
Allez joyeux noel les amis !!! Avec au menu pour les fêtes : travail le dimanche, prostitution, pédophilie, ventres à louer et SDF ! Merci Michel Sapin ! J's...
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Last update: 11/29/2014 01:28:42 PM
Il se passe des trucs important en France ! Aujourd'hui, on débat pour voter sur la possibilité d'éventuellement reconnaitre un jour la Palestine dans des co...
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Last update: 12/05/2014 04:37:12 PM
Vidéo de soutien au courageux député MEYER HABIB. Arrêtons le Habib Bashing ! J'suis pas content ! Le nouveau podcast satirique de GREG TABIBIAN. Retrouve mo...
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Last update: 05/18/2012 12:57:47 AM Jacques Vergès, reconverti au théâtre, passe de la scène à la mise en scène, en montant Le Merluchon.
From: bernamej
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Last update: 11/05/2014 02:01:39 PM
J'suis pas content ! Le nouveau podcast satirique de GREG TABIBIAN. Retrouve moi sur facebook pour suivre toutes mes prochaines vidéos !!! https://www.facebo...
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Après Dieudonnee et la Quenelle c'est au tour de Dominique dord d'humilier Valls.
From: Arcanum
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Last update: 05/02/2013 10:56:14 PM
A rocher, or one-handed quenelle, is a way to give a beautiful oval shape to a homogenous mass of food—think beef tartar or chopped spinach. Learn more about...
From: ChefSteps
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Time: 00:50 More in Education

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Dieudonné la gay pride Nos pages et comptes officiel(le)s ci dessous : Facebook :
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A journalist gets angry on conflict israel palestine misinformation! to see , صحفي يغضب على الصراع اسرائيل فلسطين التضليل! لمعرفة BRAVO A ELLE ! journaliste ...
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Last update: 11/19/2014 08:55:14 PM
Y'a Mamie Merkel qui pète un plomb : elle veut racketter tout le monde ! J'suis pas content... J'suis pas content ! Le nouveau podcast satirique de GREG TABI...
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mini clip la quenelle sauce mafé =) enjoy !!
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C'est pour exprimer leur mécontentement face au système et leur soutien à l'humoriste Dieudonné, que des citoyens se sont organisés via les réseaux sociaux, ...
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Vous saviez que pour les américains, il faudrait qu'on supprime l'Elysée tellement Hollande est trop nul ? Ca commence a faire beaucoup... Alors déprimez pas...
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Last update: 06/11/2014 06:23:12 PM
dieudonné répond a philipe tesson Exclu 11 juin 2014 !! énorme !! A voir Nos pages et comptes officiel(le)s ci dessous : Faceboo...
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