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La Voix du Nord

« Quenelle » de Dieudonné : deux militaires d'un régiment de Douai réintégrés
La Voix du Nord
Le tribunal administratif de Lille vient de réintégrer deux hommes radiés de l'armée après avoir effectué une « quenelle » de Dieudonné, confirme leur avocat Paul Yon. Il y a deux semaines, les magistrats s'étaient penchés sur le cas de cinq militaires ...

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Palo Alto Online

Dinner with a side of quirk
Palo Alto Online
A chocolate cremeux comes with Hitachino beer in the ice cream; a winning Meyer lemon tartlet was served with a dot of avocado mousse and a quenelle of coconut ice cream. The best of the three dessert options is the cookie jar ($5). The rotating ...

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Los Angeles Times

Quenelle ice cream shop opens in San Marino
Los Angeles Times
John Park has been busy. Just a little more than a month after opening his shaved-ice shop Ice Que in Alhambra, the pastry chef (Lukshon, Providence, Water Grill) has opened a second location of his popular ice cream shop, Quenelle, in San Marino.

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Los Angeles Times

Local organizers of LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show expect another large turnout
Los Angeles Times
Quenelle, a dessert shop in Burbank, will have treats like these cookies at LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show. Quenelle, a dessert shop in Burbank, will have treats like these cookies at LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show. (Raul Roa / Staff Photographer).

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Jewish Chronicle

Fringe won't act over musician's quenelle gesture
Jewish Chronicle
An artist performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival has been criticised for performing a quenelle salute outside Edinburgh Castle. Alison Chabloz, whose solo acoustic show at the festival is called Autumn's Here, has posted pictures of the inverted ...
Edinburgh Fringe artist sparks anger with 'quenelle' Nazi-style saluteJewish News
Don't censor anti-Semites, argue with themSpiked

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One Green Planet

Beet Gazpacho With Avocado Quenelle [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]
One Green Planet
This is a lovely new way to use beets, which are in season from fall until the spring. Raw beets have a surprisingly sweet, earthy taste that's complimented by the fresh cucumber and tangy tomato. Top it all off with a dollop of creamy avocado puree ...

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Breitbart News

Anti-Semitic Quenelle Comedian Sentenced To Two Months In Prison For 2012 'Joke'
Breitbart News
The controversial French comedian behind the anti-Semitic 'Quenelle' gesture has been handed a two month prison sentence for a comedy routine he performed three years ago. The show, which was presented in the city of Liege has been judged to have ...
Belgium sentences Dieudonné to 2 months in jailYnetnews
Belgium sentences French comic Dieudonne to two months in jailYahoo News

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Francetv info

Affaire de famille : à la découverte des quenelles des Malartre
Francetv info
À Lyon (Rhône), les Malartre perpétuent depuis 70 ans une spécialité culinaire à la recette inchangée et réputée. Des gestes, un savoir-faire et une même recette depuis l'après-guerre : ici, on fabrique des quenelles. Aux commandes de la production ...

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British artist posts quenelle, questions gas chambers to spite 'Zionists'
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
(JTA) — British police received a criminal complaint for incitement against a musician who performed the quasi-Nazi quenelle salute to spite Zionists and suggested that Nazi gas chambers did not really exist. The Campaign Against Antisemitism group ...

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Eater LA

Opening Alert: Quenelle Now Scooping Ice Cream and Selling Cookies in San Marino
Eater LA
John Park, the former pastry master behind Lukshon, has been on a tear lately, opening up Quenelle in Burbank and quickly following it all up with Ice Que, a shave ice spot in Alhambra. Up next: a second Quenelle dessert shop in San Marino, the upscale ...

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My Quenelle is a massive 'Up yours!' dedicated to my abusers ...
After months of being hounded online by a small group of hard-line Zionists, I decided yesterday to dedicate a Quenelle gesture to my abusers, one of whom wrote a letter of complaint to EdFringe in a failed attempt to have my ...
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QUENELLE DI SEDANO RAPA CON CODE DI GAMBERI. INGREDIENTI PER 2 PERSONE. 500 gr di sedano rapa. 24 code di gamberi. 30 gr di burro. 3/4 cucchiai di Olio extravergine. Mezzo bicchierino di Martini dry.
Last update: 07/15/2014 12:00:19 PM
Form a Quenelle | Mario Batali
A quenelle is an elegant way to serve ice cream, whipped cream, sorbet and more. More refined than a simple “scoop,” the quenelle will add flair to your dessert, and forming one is less complicated than you think. Learn how to shape a ...
Last update: 01/07/2014 11:50:00 PM
Next The Economist explains: What exactly is the “quenelle”?
THE English Football Association is currently investigating an incident during a match in which a French soccer player, Nicolas Anelka, performed an arm gesture known as the “quenelle”. Mr Anelka made the sign in ...
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Le mie ricette - Quenelle di baccalà mantecato e olive taggiasche ...
Ad accompagnare il baccalà, che ho servito nella forma di quenelle, un caviale di melagrana, ottenuto dal suo succo attraverso un processo di sferificazione, che richiede un minimo di tecnica e l'uso dell'Agar Agar come ...
Last update: 01/24/2016 01:34:26 PM
Formate le quenelle aiutandovi con due cucchiai bagnati nell'acqua, prendete un po di impasto con il primo cucchiaio e trasferitelo sul secondo cucchiaio prendendolo dal basso verso l'alto, ripete il passaggio da un ...
Last update: 10/22/2015 04:53:17 PM
the one spoon quenelle and how to hide it - The Pastry Department
the one spoon quenelle and how to hide it. sweet potato. hide and seek. i work in Carmel, CA. a place most people don't go. one of the most beautiful places in the world. Big Sur to the south and Pebble Beach to the north, ...
Last update: 10/09/2015 12:43:55 PM
Beet Gazpacho With Avocado Quenelle [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free ...
This is a lovely new way to use beets, which are in season from fall until the spring. Raw beets have a surprisingly sweet, earthy taste that's complimented by the fresh cucumber and tangy tomato. Top it all off with a dollop of ...
Last update: 05/03/2013 06:15:00 AM
Rocher | ChefSteps
Making a rocher, or one-handed quenelle, is a way to give a beautiful oval shape to a homogenous mass of food—think ice cream or beef tartare. Chefs are taught to make a quenelle with two spoons, and that can work well, but by design it ...
Last update: 12/01/2015 08:16:00 AM
Il mestolo birichino: QUENELLE DI RICOTTA
Per le quenelle mettere in una terrina la ricotta (mi raccomando che sia bella asciutta altrimenti avrete bisogno di tanta farina per farli stare assieme in cottura), l'uovo, il grana grattugiato e la farina. Mescolare accuratamente e ...
Last update: 02/02/2016 07:22:31 PM
If my favorite team isn’t playing in Super Bowl 50, you best believe I’m going to at least have all of my favorite people over for all of my favorite snacks representing the two opposing teams. This year we lucked out…   Here’s what my family will be eating on Sunday night!!     NFL SUPER...
Last update: 02/01/2016 04:04:02 PM
For more information, contact Susan Marzano, Event Director at SMARZANO@MARIOBATALIFOUNDATION.ORG
Last update: 12/28/2015 05:01:29 PM
This year was filled with so many helpful How-To Tuesdays, we can’t possibly leave them all in 2015!! Here are the ten skills you wanted to master most! Click the pics to watch and learn…    homemade pasta dough    homemade pizza dough    brine a turkey   make gnocchi (with mario’s mom, marilyn batali!)  ...
Last update: 12/27/2015 08:35:45 PM
Last update: 12/22/2015 02:54:24 PM
The first thing we do when we get to Michigan for the holidays is buy the tree (see? I posted it here!).   We use the same ornaments every year, so it won’t take too long to dress the tree. Then I get to work on the menu.   Below is the Batali meal plan from December...
Last update: 12/04/2015 03:27:41 PM
To celebrate the holidays Italian-Style, you might want to prepare La Vigilia or the Feast of Seven Fishes – an Italian celebration traditionally served on Christmas Eve including meals of fish and other seafood. There are many opinions and thoughts about its supposed origins or why we make seven dishes (some families celebrate with 10 or...
Last update: 11/30/2015 09:01:42 PM
Cookies for a good cause!
Last update: 11/25/2015 08:10:31 PM
Need some last-minute Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to blow your guests’ socks off? No problem, we’ve got your back with these top five staff picks. Click the links below for recipes and How-To videos!!    FOCACCIA AND TURKEY STUFFING   FRESH CRANBERRY SAUCE    HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES    BRUSSELS SROUTS TWO WAYS!!   BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH PECORINO AND THYME...
Last update: 11/24/2015 09:07:14 PM
The most wonderful time of the year is here, and we urge you to take on Thanksgiving with these basic skills in your back pocket!! Watch our How-To’s below!    1. roast a turkey 2. carve a turkey 3. prep leeks 4. prep butternut squash 5. roast garlic
Last update: 11/23/2015 04:37:25 PM
MARIO’S THANKSGIVING MENU   Cocktail Hour + Hors D’oeuvres   Cava and Pomegranate Aperitif   Oysters 2 ways, Clams in Gumbo, Salumi Salami   The Main Event   New Orleans Red Beans & Rice Stuff Turkey with Sazerac Gravy   Cornbread Stuffing with Jalapeño and Andouille   Country Ham and Truffle Gravy Clinton’s Hashbrown Frittata with...
Last update: 11/03/2015 04:59:19 PM
What’s better than pennette with pesto? Three varieties of pennette with pesto!!   PENNETTE WITH 3 PESTOS Serves 6   Kosher salt 1 pound pennette or garganelli 2⁄3 cup Basil, Walnut, or Broccoli Rabe Pesto (recipes follow) Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano for serving Chopped walnuts for garnish if using Walnut Pesto   Bring 6 quarts...
Last update: 11/02/2015 10:51:32 PM
When the leaves start turning and the nights become longer, I know my little onions are back and ready for some good cooking, and I could not be happier. A smaller, flat, pale onion, the cipolline flesh is slightly mild and the skins are papery thin. Ranging from pale yellow to light brown, they...

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