Last update: 06/27/2016 05:24:27 PM
She also wants half the money I inherited from my parents and I'm terrified I'm going to end up on benefits because of her lust for this man
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:23:00 PM
Everything you need to know about this year's tournament, including tennis schedule, travel info and how to watch Andy Murray and co in action on BBC
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:23:00 PM
Find out how to see Florence and the Machine, Take That, Stevie Wonder and Mumford and Sons headline at this year's BST 2016 festival
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:23:00 PM
Game of Thrones is back with the tenth episode and final installment of the sixth series but what's in store?
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:22:00 PM
SPOILER ALERT - All the things we learned from the spectacular season finale The Winds of Winter - the longest episode in the show's history
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:19:29 PM
They are about to face off in the last 16… but the two sets of supporters definitely agree on one thing
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:18:09 PM
Maguire, who last fought in the UFC in 2013, claims he went to the bar before winning his latest title "gypsy man style"
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:16:37 PM
Jackson Blyton, he's a little tip from us... don't let the girl you like's frienemy do your makeup
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:16:10 PM
The Three Lions take on Iceland in the last-16 in Nice this evening with Vardy taking the jet to ensure she was back for her children on Tuesday
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:15:00 PM
His personal hygiene isn't all it should be, he weighs 21 stone and I find him so unattractive I don't want to have sex
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:12:22 PM
From Hilary Benn's sacking to Angela Eagle's emotional resignation that became a parting shot at Jeremy Corbyn, here are all the Labour resigners from the Shadow Cabinet and beyond
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:11:04 PM
The former Aston Villa striker was on the scoresheet as the Three Lions romped to a 6-1 win at the Etihad 12 years ago
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:10:59 PM
The Paris prosecutor's office today said it was opening a "full investigation into involuntary homicide" after the plane crashed, killing all 66 people on board
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:25:00 PM
Italy and Spain face each other knowing a quarter-final clash with world champions Germany awaits
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:25:00 PM
Join us for all the action from Paris where Italy will be looking to get revenge for their Euro 2012 final defeat
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:25:00 PM
Holders Spain take on Italy this afternoon hoping to book s spot in the quarter-final, here's everything you need to know ahead of the game
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:25:00 PM
Will Italy finally get revenge for their defeat by Spain in the Euro 2012 final?
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:03:42 PM
I’ve found gay porn in his mobile phone and it's made me suspicious over why he spends so much time with his pal instead of me
Last update: 06/27/2016 05:01:56 PM
A 100m prototype has been launched today in a bid to clean up the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:59:03 PM
Bobadilla, 29, managed 11 goals last season for the Bundesliga side and played in both games against Liverpool in the Europa League
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:58:37 PM
From accidental groping to nervously passing wind - the scrutiny of a job interview can get the better of any of us
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:55:49 PM
Many people can't stop shivering, even during summer, but there are ways you can stop the chill
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:54:11 PM
Figures show a massive 657% increase in people looking into moving to Scotland
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:52:14 PM
Konta was world No. 126 when she lost to Maria Sharapova a year ago but now has some pressure ahead of her first bout at SW19
Last update: 06/27/2016 04:51:22 PM
Villagers are scared to leave their own homes amid fears over the blood-sucking animals – which are thought to be capable of jumping over six-foot fences

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