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New York Times

Ruling Says McDonald's Is Liable for Workers
New York Times
The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Tuesday that McDonald's could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by its franchise operators — a decision that, if upheld, would disrupt longtime practices in the fast ...
McDonald's Ruling Sets Ominous Tone for FranchisersWall Street Journal
McDonald's disputes NLRB decision linking it with franchiseesChicago Tribune
McDonald's Can Be Liable For Issues At Franchise-Owned Restaurants, NLRB ...Huffington Post
ABC News -USA TODAY -Bloomberg
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Police: Man suspected of crashing car into Landover Hills, Md. McDonald's may ...
The driver of one of those vehicles then followed the SUV until it crashed into the drive-thru at a McDonald's, located in the 6200 block of Annapolis Road. Employee Louis Ntah said he was in the back of the restaurant prepping food when he heard a ...
Police: Carjacker crashes into McDonald's drive-thruW*USA 9
Stolen SUV Slams Into McDonald's, Catches FireNBC4 Washington
Stolen SUV Crashes Into McDonald's Drive-Thru in Md.CBS Local
WTOP -Washington Post -MyFox Washington DC
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Meat scandal takes a bite out of McDonald's sales in Japan
A tainted meat scandal that originated in China is now starting to stink up McDonald's sales. The fast food chain's Japanese unit said Tuesday that it will fall short of profit and sales targets for the year, after a longtime meat supplier was shut ...
You Can Now Get Tofu McNuggets at McDonald's in JapanTIME
Tastes Like Chicken? McDonald's Japan Offers Tofu McNuggetsWall Street Journal (blog)
Instead of Expired-Chicken McNuggets, McDonald's Tries Tofu McNuggetsSlate Magazine (blog)
Eater National -International Business Times -Los Angeles Times
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McDonald's is Responsible For Its Franchisees' Bullshit, Says NLRB
In a surprise victory for logic and basic ethics, the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that McDonald's is considered a "joint employer" with the franchise locations operating under its name. Hold on, I have to go spend forever laughing ...

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Feds' ruling raises McDonald's risk of liability for franchisees' labor practices
Columbus Dispatch
In the U.S., the vast majority of McDonald's more than 14,000 restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees. The same is true for many other fast-food chains, including Burger King and Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. As such ...

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McDonald's can be named a 'joint employer'
Press Herald
The decision by the National Labor Relations Board was being closely watched because it could potentially expose McDonald's to liability for the working conditions and practices in its franchisees' stores. It also puts pressure on the world's biggest ...

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Wall Street Journal

McDonald's Faces Shortages at Some China Outlets
Wall Street Journal
David McDonald, president of OSI, said the Aurora, Ill., company is investigating current and former staffers and while it doesn't yet know who might be responsible for alleged misconduct at Shanghai Husi, the company will act "quickly and ...
McDonald's Japan Pulls Profit Goal on China Food ScandalBloomberg
At McDonald's Outlets in China, Patrons Ask Where's the Meat?New York Times (blog)
Why China's McDonald's just ran out of hamburgers (and just about everything ...Washington Post (blog)
Reuters -Voice of America
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McDonald's Liable for Employees' Treatment, Labor Board Rules
In a key decision that could pave the way to unionization for thousands of fast food workers, the National Labor Relations Board ruled Tuesday that McDonald's is jointly responsible for employees' treatment by the brand's franchise owners. McDonald's ...

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Not lovin' it in Russia: McDonald's, Wendy's in Kremlin's cross hairs
Los Angeles Times
A worker takes down a McDonald's ad in Donetsk, an eastern Ukraine city where the three U.S. fast-food franchises have been forced to close amid fighting spurred by pro-Russia separatist land grabs. A worker takes down a McDonald's ad in Donetsk, ...
Some antibiotics with your Сheeseburger? Russia regulator probes McDonald'sRT
McDonald's Chicken Could Face Ban in
Russia's war on McDonald's takes aim at the Filet-o-FishThe Randolph Guide

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Business Insider

McDonald's Franchisees Just Scored A Major Victory
Business Insider
NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald's Corp. says it has been notified by a labor regulator that it can be named a "joint employer" for workers in its franchisee-owned restaurants. The decision by the National Labor Relations Board was being closely watched ...

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NLRB Rules That McDonald's And Franchisees Are Joint Employers ...
In a decision that could impact not just the fast food business, but all chain retailers that use the franchisee model, the National Labor Relations Board Office of the General Counsel announced today that McDonald's can ...
Last update: 07/26/2014 08:38:00 PM
Russia Has Apparently Declared War on McDonald's - Kitchenette
Salads, cheeseburgers, "Royal" burgers (apparently just a regular McDonald's burger with cucumber, LTO, ketchup, mustard, AND mayo on it), Chickenburgers, Filet O Fish (OK, I'm actually with them on this one), milkshakes, ...
Last update: 07/29/2014 09:05:23 PM
McDonald's is responsible for working conditions in franchise ...
In a move that could have far-reaching implications for franchised businesses and low-wage workers, the National Labor Relations Board's general counsel said Tuesday that McDonald's would be treated as a joint employer ...
Last update: 07/28/2014 08:30:00 PM
McDonald's Happy Meal Customer Gives Bowser A New Paint Job
Modding Mario Kart 8 proper is hard work. Tricking out Mario Kart 8 toys, on the other hand, is an easy way for the seasoned Warhammer fans out there to to turn the fruits of their McDonald's Happy Meals into a custom set.
Last update: 07/25/2014 05:44:33 PM
McDonald's Will Spend the Next 18 Months Rebranding | Adweek
Amid anemic sales, employee pay issues, and an increasingly bad dietary reputation, McDonald's has announced it will devote the next 18 months to rebranding itself as not only a cheap food destination but an appealing and ...
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Rogers Police Department Decides Not To Press Charges In ...
ROGERS (KFSM) – The Rogers Police Department has decided ultimately not to pursue charges in a McDonalds theft case they asked for the public's help with on July 24, according to a post on their Facebook page.
Last update: 07/29/2014 07:59:04 PM » UCF McDonalds Set to Open August 4
The McDonalds across the street from UCF main campus on the corner of Alafaya and Strategy Boulevard is set to open on August 4, according to Della Worley, the Marketing Supervisor of McDonalds. The restaurant will be ...
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McDonald's declared unsanitary and unhealthy by Russian food ...
The consumer protection agency is taking McDonald's to court following increasing tensions between the US and Russia.
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McDonald's Japan halts Chinese supplies after rotten meat ...
McDonald's restaurants in Japan have stopped selling products that use chicken sourced in China.
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McDonald's is Hosting Wedding Receptions in Hong Kong
Today in No, Seriously, This is Real: McDonald's is hosting wedding receptions in Hong Kong. I swear that this is in no way exaggerated -- this is EXACTLY the way you're imagining it.
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Here's how much coffee, meat, beer, McDonald's, and more you can buy for $5 in countries around the world. For starters, you can buy a lot of beer for $5 in ...
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