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Slate Magazine (blog)

How McDonald's is changing its menu to try to revive its flagging sales
Washington Post
McDonald's is planning to overhaul its U.S. menu by adding more customizable options and appealing to regional tastes, a move that the world's largest fast-food chain says is aimed at reinvigorating its business after another quarter of sinking profits ...
Is McDonald's Planning to Replace Its Cashiers With Computer Screens?Slate Magazine (blog)
This Is McDonald's Big Plan to Win You OverTIME
McDonald's earnings ugly; shares fallUSA TODAY
Huffington Post -ABC News -Businessweek
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Man served half-eaten McDonald's muffin
JACKSON, Miss. — Don Richardson ordered a sausage biscuit sandwich Oct. 4 at a local McDonald's on his way to see Mississippi State play Texas A&M. What he received was an English muffin, buttered and covered in jelly — and several bites taken out of ...
Man Claims Mississippi McDonald's Served Him Half-Eaten, Jelly Covered ...The Consumerist
Mississippi man receives half-eaten English muffin at McDonald'sNew York Daily News
Man served half-eaten sandwich at McDonald'sKMTV
Opposing Views -Daily Mail -Palm Beach Post
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McDonald's CEO acknowledges image problems after tough results
(Reuters) - McDonald's Corp (MCD.N) Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson owned up to some corporate image problems on Tuesday after it posted a nearly one-third drop in quarterly profit and warned that its global restaurant sales would fall again this ...

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Business Insider

Putin makes McDonald's target in Russia
Chicago Tribune
In January 1990, when the dreary and declining Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev was opening to the world, McDonald's arrived as a symbol of American prosperity and freedom. Long lines of Russians, used to stores with empty shelves, were stunned ...
Russia takes bite out of McDonald's with US ties in deep freezeBusiness Insider
Chicago Tribune: Putin makes McDonald's target in
Agence France-Presse: Russia takes bite out of McDonald's with US ties in deep ...Kyiv Post
The Malay Mail Online
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This is what happens when you give McDonald's to organic food "experts"
"What happens when you serve McDonald's food to some experts and pretend it's a new organic meal?" ask Sacha and Cedrique. To answer this question they went to a organic food fair in Houten, Netherlands, armed with disguised McNuggets and Big ...
Europe's food experts fooled by pranksters into confusing McDonald's with ...RT
Watch McDonald's Food Being Secretly Served to Food ExpertsThe Daily Meal
Pranksters Trick Foodies Into Praising McDonald'sGawker
E! Online -WhoSay -First to Know
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McDonald's May Sell More Organic Foods to Boost Sales
McDonald's has been struggling to boost sales amid increased competition for low-priced meals. In the U.S., the chain has recently tried selling $2 jalapeno burgers and chorizo burritos in some locations to lure diners. The items haven't really ...

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Business Insider

5 Problems McDonald's Is Facing in the US
ABC News
McDonald's said Tuesday a key sales figure declined 3.3 percent in the U.S., marking the fourth straight quarter of declines for the world's biggest hamburger chain. By contrast, Chipotle reported a 19.8 percent increase in sales at established ...
Why Chipotle Will Never Replace McDonald'sBusiness Insider
McDonald's biggest menu flopsFox News
McDonald's Gets More Expensive, Turning Off Some DinersBloomberg
Motley Fool -NASDAQ
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McDonald's Vows Fresh Thinking
Wall Street Journal
McDonald's Corp. outlined plans for what it called fundamental changes to its business as it reported one of its worst quarterly profit declines in years, driven by problems in nearly every major part of its business. The 30% decline in net income for ...

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Is Chipotle really healthier than McDonald's?
The earnings of McDonald's Corp. and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. this week have illustrated a bit of conventional wisdom: that fresher, healthier, made-to-order meals from upstart fast-casual chains are stealing diners (and profit) from legacy burger ...

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Jackson Clarion Ledger

Madison man served half-eaten McDonald's muffin
Jackson Clarion Ledger
After several phone calls and one trip to that same McDonald's, Richardson said "I still haven't gotten as much as a 'We're sorry this happened' or 'We'll check the videotape and see how this happened.' They act like they don't care that I received an ...

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Why Americans Are Abandoning McDonald's - Business Insider
The fast-food giant's domestic same-store sales plunged 3.3% in the third quarter, continuing a downward slide that began at the start of the year. "By all measures our performance fell short of our expectations," McDonald's ...
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McDonald's Q3 Earnings - Business Insider
"McDonald's third quarter results reflect a significant decline versus a year ago, with our business and financial performance pressured by a variety of factors - from a higher effective tax rate, to unusual events in the operating ...
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Apple Pay With iPhone 6 Demoed in McDonald's Purchase - Mac ...
With Apple Pay enabled through an update to iOS 8.1 earlier today, users are now able to use Apple's payments service in a variety of retail locations. Apple's Apple Pay launch partner McDonald's is one location that's ...
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'Pink slime' in burgers? McDonald's hires former MythBuster to find ...
Beef patties pumped full of hormones, fillers and preservatives? Grant Imahara visits a food-processing plant to discover what exactly goes into a McDonald's burger.
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Prison » The Fall Of McDonalds: Special Report
October 22, 2014. Alex Jones looks at the trending slump in McDonalds sales and how the franchise hopes to revive their sub-food business model with their LeBron James led casino gulag styled Monopoly Game.
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McDonald's lays out fix for deepening sales decline - Fortune
The solution? Focus on food quality, digital strategy.
Last update: 10/22/2014 06:31:29 PM
[VIDEO] Two Guys Cut Up McDonalds And Serve It As “Organic ...
Two Dutch men, Sacha and Cedrique, decided to do a little experiment involving McDonalds and food critics. Here is what they did – They chopped up some McDonalds burgers and nuggets, made it look decent and served it ...
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Why Chipotle Is Beating McDonald's - Business Insider
The burrito chain's sales rose 9.3% in 2013, while its former parent company, McDonald's, reported a 1.3% decline. Chipotle has many qualities that make it more appealing to consumers than McDonald's, said Brian Sozzi, ...
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McDonald's Launches Food-Transparency Campaign | CMO ...
McDonald's launches transparency campaign to battle bad food reputation.
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How McDonald's Makes Hamburgers - Business Insider
McDonald's takes customers inside one of its U.S. meat processing facilities for the first time in a new video.
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Ask Kingsley No. 22 Twitter --- Tumblr --- Facebook --- Ins...
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10 Biggest Business Secrets in the World Coca Cola, McDonald's and KFC are keeping their recipes close to their chests. Find out more about the most protecte...
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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake join the real Michael McDonald to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in the round. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring ...
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Jimmy asked the popular Internet food critic Daym Drops to review the McDonald's McRib. Check out more Daym Drops videos at S...
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Subway is a bigger chain than McDonald's. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: h...
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FPSRussia Shirts: Twitter: Click2Tweet: FaceBook: http://...
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Here's how much coffee, meat, beer, McDonald's, and more you can buy for $5 in countries around the world. For starters, you can buy a lot of beer for $5 in ...
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Mcdonald's is verrry multicultural Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: http://...
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10 Shocking Food Scandals Negligence and greed can leave a bad taste in the mouth. Here are 10 shocking food scandals. Click to Subscribe.. How Safe Is Your Food? http://www.
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