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New York Times

The Other Big Mac Index
New York Times
The first time I stood in line to enter Moscow's first McDonald's — then the largest McDonald's in the world — was in the spring of 1991. The country was still called the Soviet Union, and that McDonald's on Pushkin Square, though it had been open ...
McDonald's Objects to Russia Restaurant ClosuresTIME
12 McDonald's restaurants temporarily closed in Russia, 100 inspections ...RT (blog)
Russia shuts 12 McDonald's restaurants as tensions riseMarketWatch
Mother Jones -Wall Street Journal -Crain's Chicago Business
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McDonald's expands custom burger test
Los Angeles Register
McDonald's build your own burger SoCal Style features premium ingredients on a buttered toasted artisan bun – leaf lettuce, locally sourced tomatoes, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon, guacamole, white cheddar and a creamy yogurt-based garlic sauce.

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Why McDonald's has trouble attracting millennials
Chicago Tribune
Instead of McDonald's, many millennials are seeking out chains that offer fare they believe is better quality, fresher and healthier, and where they can customize their orders. Customize? This is a generation that doesn't listen passively to albums, it ...

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HPD: Husband stabs, kills man who argued with his wife in McDonald's
KPRC Houston
Altercation leads to fatal stabbing at N. Houston McDonald'sKHOU
HPD: Husband Steps Into Argument, Stabs Man at McDonald'sNews 92 FM
Deadly stabbing at McDonald's in north

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A dozen McDonald's outlets closed in Russia
Earlier in the month, the regulator made McDonald's (MCD) close four restaurants, including its flagship outlet in Moscow that first opened to the public in 1990. It's widely suspected that the closures are politically motivated. Many American and ...

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Person shot outside McDonald's in Homewood
Chicago Sun-Times
A person was shot outside a McDonald's restaurant Friday night in south suburban Homewood. The shooting happened about 11:30 p.m. at a McDonald's parking lot in the 3100 block of 183rd Street, a Homewood Fire Department spokesman said.

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McDonald's Faces Biggest Test in Russia Since End of Soviet Era
While regulators have cited violations of sanitary rules by McDonald's, the timing and scope of the shutdowns are seen as a response to Western sanctions in Russia. More than 100 restaurants are now being inspected, meaning dozens more locations could ...

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Consumers Trade Recyclables for Burgers at McDonald's in Sweden
How do you get young people to care about recycling? Free burgers couldn't hurt. DDB Stockholm and McDonald's collaborated on a campaign in Sweden which allows customers to pay for hamburgers, cheeseburgers and even Big Macs with recycled cans.

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Restaurant Operations Watch: McDonald's faces perils abroad
Nation's Restaurant News
NRN editor and restaurant operations expert Ron Ruggless breaks down what you should be watching in the industry this week. Connect with him on the latest operations trends and news at @RonRuggless and U.S. restaurant ...

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KCCI Des Moines

Police: McDonald's food contained substance found in marijuana
A couple told police they found plant material between the patties in the burgers they bought at McDonald's 222 Richmond St. in Ottumwa, on April 26. The Ottumwa Police Department sent the food to the Iowa Division of Criminalistics Laboratory to be ...
Tests back in McDonald's burger topped with marijuana caseKCCI Des Moines
Police: No evidence linking pot to McDonald's employeesOttumwacourier
Lab results back on Ottumwa McDonald's hamburgerKTVO

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12 McDonald's restaurants temporarily closed in Russia, 100 ...
Russia's food safety watchdog has temporarily closed 12 McDonald's outlets across the country as of Friday citing sanitary violations. Meanwhile, the company says it will “modernize” 18 other restaurants in renovations ...
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McDonald's Lawsuit -- The Biggest OJ Attack Since '94 |
A big German guy guzzled some OJ at McDonald's and claims he got supersized -- with a 4" spear that fired into his throat.Klaus Geier claims in his…
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McDonald's: 40 Years Together - Creativity
McDonald's is collecting people's memories online using speech recognition, in an interactive campaign celebrating its 40th anniversary since launching in the U.K. The fast food chain's website, created by ...
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Four Moscow McDonald's shut by Russian consumer watchdog ...
Russia's consumer watchdog has shut down four McDonald's restaurants in central Moscow – including the first-ever outlet in the country – over “administrative violations.” More of the company 430 Russian franchises are ...
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Beaten to Death at McDonald's | FrontPage Magazine
It had seemed to the four clean-cut college freshman that night like a typical McDonald's: spanking clean, well-lighted, and safe. It was in a good neighborhood too, right next to Texas A&M University in College Station – a ...
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How McDonald's Conquered France - Business Insider
Fifteen years after farmers infamously ransacked one of its restaurants to protest its "bad beef," McDonald's has conquered France. Le Figaro calls it the "model student": France is the suburban Chicago-based chain's most ...
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13-Year-Old Boy Robbed At Gunpoint In Downriver McDonald's ...
DETROIT (WWJ) – Police and Crime Stoppers are looking to the public for help to identify two men suspected of robbing a 13-year-old boy at gunpoint in a McDonald's bathroom. The robbery took place on Tuesday, Aug.
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McDonald's is Testing Mozzarella Sticks Now - Kitchenette - Jezebel
McDonald's is currently product-testing mozzarella sticks in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including at numerous locations in New York City. They're about 100 calories a pop and come three to a package, so it's not ...
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Millennials' Inability To Commit To Monogamous Fast Food ...
The fast food chain is in the middle of its worst slump in ten years, reports the Wall Street Journal in an in-depth look at McDonald's recent sales losses. To blame? Millenials, the young customers who are daring to disperse ...
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Kraft, McDonald's to Roll Out Bagged Coffee Nationally | News ...
Kraft, McDonald's will roll out McCafé bagged coffee at grocery, mass merchandise, club and drug stores nationwide in 2015 after testing the product last year.
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