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Las Vegas Review-Journal

Customers say McDonald's new mozzarella sticks are missing cheese
Las Vegas Review-Journal
According to ABC News, disappointed McDonald's customers have taken to social media to voice their complaints and share photos of the cheese-less mozzarella sticks. McDonald's has since responded to the claims of cheese-less, hollow breading by citing ...
McDonald's customers ask 'where's my cheese' in Mozzarella Sticks?Kansas City Star (blog)
McDonald's vows to solve mystery of the missing mozzarellaDigital Journal

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Jail Terms and Fines for Supplier to McDonald's and Yum Brands in China
New York Times
The scandal dragged down sales at McDonald's and its rival Yum in China after a Chinese TV report in July 2014 showed workers at a Shanghai unit of OSI supposedly using out-of-date meat and doctoring production dates. A senior executive for OSI in ...
Ten Jailed in China for Supplying Expired Meat to McDonald's, KFCEater
Supplier to Yum, McDonald's in China calls food safety convictions 'injustices'Food Safety News

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CBS News

McDonald's CEO still has work to do
CBS News
McDonald's (MCD) CEO Steve Easterbrook fan club on Wall Street increased last week after the iconic burger chain posted its best quarterly results in nearly four years, thanks to the introduction of all-day breakfast. The company's franchisees, though ...
McDonald's plans to dominate fast food using this bold restaurant of the futureBusiness Insider
McDonald's reaps the benefit of all day breakfasts and table

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Yahoo Celebrity UK

Khloe Kardashian Goes Makeup-Free on a Late Night Trip to McDonalds, Which Is So Completely All Of Us
Yahoo Celebrity UK
Khloe Kardashian is our spirit guide. The reality star was spotted sporting a made-down look on Sunday while making a late-night trip to McDonald's, something that we can all admit is, at times, a necessary component to getting through this thing we ...

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Tulsa World

Why McDonald's picked Tulsa for testing all-day breakfast
Tulsa World
The restaurant chain had a few important ones for testing an expanded all-day breakfast menu in Tulsa. Demographics and heavily-involved McDonald's franchisees helped Tulsa land the fast-food behemoth's six-month test of the larger breakfast menu, ...
Why McDonald's picked Tulsa to test all-day

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Baltimore Sun (blog)

McDonald's brings back Old Bay Filet-O-Fish sandwich
Baltimore Sun (blog)
McDonald's locations across the Mid-Atlantic will offer Old Bay Filet-O-Fish sandwiches for a limited time starting Feb. 2. (Courtesy of McDonald's). Sarah MeehanContact ReporterThe Baltimore Sun. It's back: McDonald's Old Bay Filet-O-Fish returns to ...
McDonald's brings back Chesapeake Bay-inspired 'filet-o-fish'Undercurrent News

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Cell phone video captures man pull out a gun in Murray McDonald's drive-thru
MURRAY, Utah -- Cell phone video captured a man pull a gun out in the drive-thru of a McDonald's restaurant at the corner of 4500 South and 300 West in Murray Sunday. "Right there looks like he was actually serious about to do something,” said Michela ...

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St. George Daily Spectrum

McDonald's manager earns prestigious award
St. George Daily Spectrum
It was an unusual Monday morning meeting at the McDonald's on Pioneer Boulevard. Manager Anabel Jimenez thought it was strange to be called on stage in front of everyone until she learned she received the Ray Kroc Award, which is the most ...

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USA TODAY High School Sports

Josh Jackson ready for festivities at McDonald's All American Game after receiving jersey
USA TODAY High School Sports
Prolific Prep (Napa, Calif.) wing Josh Jackson wouldn't exactly say that he's outright jealous of his peers. It's just that when 21 of his fellow McDonald's All Americans no longer know the stress of a looming college decision it's hard not to want ...
Prolific Prep's Jackson honored for McDonald's All American selectionNapa Valley Register

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Free coffee for teachers at McDonald's in Central Alabama in February
McDonald's locations in Central Alabama are showing schoolteachers a little love this month by offering them a free cup of hot or iced coffee on Mondays throughout February. Teachers need to show their school IDs to receive a small cup of McCafe coffee.

Last update: 01/27/2016 04:06:00 PM
McDonald's mozzarella sticks missing cheese - Business Insider
McDonald's is under fire from customers accusing the burger chain of serving mozzarella sticks that are missing a key ingredient: cheese. Customers are posting pictures of hollowed-out mozzarella sticks online and accusing ...
Last update: 12/30/2015 03:00:00 PM
The McDonald's Of The Future Opens In Hong Kong - Kotaku
Hong Kong is now home to the newest and neatest McDonald's around. Say hello to McDonald's Next, the McDonald's of the future. According to Trend Hunter, Contemporist, and Hong Kong Navi, design firm Landini ...
Last update: 01/07/2016 02:55:13 PM
McDonald's new take-out bags - Business Insider
McDonald's is rolling out new take-out bags, beverage cups, and sandwich boxes on Thursday. The updated design on the bags is simple, featuring the Golden Arches and "McDonald's" in large, bold letters on a brown ...
Last update: 01/25/2016 01:00:40 PM
McDonald's Q4 earnings - Business Insider
McDonald's fourth-quarter results are out, and the company beat on earnings and revenues.
Last update: 12/23/2015 03:21:46 PM
McDonald's tests macaroni and cheese Happy Meal - Business Insider
McDonald's is testing macaroni and cheese as a Happy Meal entree at select restaurants in Ohio. The dish can also be ordered as a side for $1.75, Brand Eating reports. Macaroni and cheese is a staple on most restaurant ...
Last update: 01/21/2016 04:30:07 AM
McDonald's Japan chocolate-covered fries have me intrigued | BGR
However, when I heard news that McDonald's Japan is experimenting with chocolate-covered french fries, I actually found myself rather intrigued at the prospect. DON'T MISS: Pizza waffles: The mouth-watering food hack that ...
Last update: 01/12/2016 08:00:00 AM
We tried the new value menus at McDonald's ... - Business Insider
We tried the new value menus at McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's — and the winner is clear ... McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King have all released limited time value menus. We tried them all and the winner ...
Last update: 01/28/2016 09:15:00 PM
McDonald's Will Expand All-Day Breakfast -- Grub Street
McDonald's executives maybe got to tweaking too hard on the wild success of all-day breakfast because they're already trying to score their next adrenaline rush. This ballsy plan involves trying to fix customers' biggest ...
Last update: 01/19/2016 05:35:00 PM
McDonald's Is Selling Chocolate-Covered French Fries in Japan
Japan is a land of many weird things, and as such, its fast food creations tend to be dependably curious. The newest menu item at Japanese McDonald's, for instance, involves french fries covered with multiple types of ...
Last update: 01/23/2016 04:25:45 PM
McDonald's: A Great American McComeback? | WGNO
(Yes. A “Frozen” reference. Seemed apt given the weather forecasts.) Analysts are predicting that the company will build on the momentum that began in the third quarter, when McDonald's reported same-store sales growth of ...
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